This blog by Gilbert Riedelbauch is about new technologies and their effect on the making and teaching of art, craft and design.

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Albrecht Duerer – German renaissance artist

Digital manufacturing – new ways of making creative works

Web 2 – online systems useful for a creative professional practice

Since 1994 new technologies have played an ever increasing part in my professional practice. The skillful manipulation of tools and process – the basis of making – is equally important for both traditional and digital work. Using the old together with the new calls for new design solutions and informs the resulting objects. Traditional silversmithing techniques interact with digital fabrication. The digital space has become an extension of my workshop.

The pleasure is in the making wherever and however it happens.

After completing a degree in silversmithing as a Meisterschueler at the Academy of Fine Art in Nuernberg, Germany, I completed a Graduate Diploma at the ANU School of Art in Canberra, Australia. Working as a contemporary designer/maker I show my work at national and international exhibitions. I was awarded the ‘Bavarian Staats Prize’ after having been invited to participate in the ‘Meister der Moderne’ exhibition at the international Munich Craft Fair.
In 1994, I was part of the team that established the Computer Art Studio at the ANU School of Art, introducing digital technologies to students and staff. This studio, now the Design Arts studio is offering a variety of IT based courses to the School. In 2007 I received a National teaching award a ‘Carrick citation’ for my contribution to university teaching. Currently I am the head of the School’s 1st year students foundation program.
My interest in and findings about the master of the northern renaissance, Albrecht Dürer, is a result of my teaching of perspective drawing. An initial discovery in one of Dürer’s woodcuts has sparked an unexpected research into his ‘painters manual’, some of the outcomes are documented in this blog

I appreciate any comment you might have about my blog.


Gilbert Riedelbauch


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  1. 1 lynne sealie 10/08/2010 at 2:25 PM

    Interesting range of thoughts and words. I enjoy seeing your new lights and all the experimenting you are doing with lights and technologies. Some beautiful pieces.

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