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de sign ed 2 showcasing the design arts

This exciting exhibition will be opening on Thursday 2 August at the School of Art gallery in Canberra at the Australian National University. The opener will be Brian Parks, director Jam Factory in Adelaide.


Works by the following designer/makers are presented in this show:

Elliot Bastianon, furniture
Sean Booth, metal
Simon Cottrell, metal
Cesar Cueva, metal
Janet DeBoos, ceramics
Nadège Desgenètez, glass
Ashley Eriksmoen, furniture
Robert Foster, lights
Jon Goulder, furniture
Megan Jackson, textile
Johannes Kuhnen, metal
Cinnamon Lee, metal
Rohan Nicol, lights
Henry Pilcher, lights
Phoebe Porter, metal
Gilbert Riedelbauch, metal
Blanche Tilden, metal/glass
Annie Trevillian, textile
Henry Wilson, furniture

The catalog includes a welcome by  the head of school, Gordon Bull and an essay about the design arts by Anne Brennan the head of the Art Theory department. Here is a link to a pdf version of the catalogue.


Quick link page for designer makers

Anyone interested in web2 based fabrication, here is a ‘growing’ collection of bookmarks. You will need to have a ‘delicious’ account though. If you are logged onto ‘delicious’ search for designartsanu and you will find these links.

bookmarks for designer maker

bookmarks for designer maker

These links are added for their relevance for making things from digital files eg images, text, vetor-based drawing (Illustrator) or 3D files in .dxf format. I have referred to these services in earlier blogs about making a catalogue or a light object. If you know about any further relevant links please let me know and I will add them.

images of work