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ur QR

I am getting quite fond of QR (quick reference) codes. These strange square pattern link the ‘real’ world to information or places in cyperspace. You can ‘read’ them with your smart phone – I use the iPhone app QRReader – or create them with their phone or on a website like qrstuff. Such a code can assist with promoting professional practice and can find its way on your business and invitation cards as well as your email signature block.

Here is a QR code linking straight to my new website.

(Either scan it with a QR reader or just click on it)



Quick link page for designer makers

Anyone interested in web2 based fabrication, here is a ‘growing’ collection of bookmarks. You will need to have a ‘delicious’ account though. If you are logged onto ‘delicious’ search for designartsanu and you will find these links.

bookmarks for designer maker

bookmarks for designer maker

These links are added for their relevance for making things from digital files eg images, text, vetor-based drawing (Illustrator) or 3D files in .dxf format. I have referred to these services in earlier blogs about making a catalogue or a light object. If you know about any further relevant links please let me know and I will add them.

images of work