Designer/Maker statement 3, Nadege Desgenetez

As I find it difficult to define the term ‘designer/maker’, the very core of our new Design Arts degree offer at the ANU, School of Art, I like to bring to this blog some of the short statements by my colleagues. These are taken from the de/sign/ed catalogue.

Approaching this term from different – in this case – individual points of view, will help forming a more complete definition. This third statement is by Nadege Desgenetez, lecturer Glass workshop ANU, School of Art.


I am drawn towards handsome objects that cleverly serve a purpose: After choosing an artistic path, I soon recognised that making was an essential part of my approach to creating objects. The making process nurtured my design principles.
Glass has been an incredible vehicle for my preoccupations with design. Looking to celebrate the intrinsic qualities of the material, I try to develop an aesthetic vocabulary around its technical language.

Nadege sketch for de sigh ed cat

(My statement you can find as part of my first posting below)



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