Designer/Maker statement 2, Roger Hutchinson

As I find it difficult to define the term ‘designer/maker’, the very core of our new Design Arts degree offer at the ANU, School of Art, I like to bring to this blog some of the short statements by my colleagues. These are taken from the de/sign/ed catalogue.

Approaching this term from different – in this case – individual points of view, will help forming a more complete definition. The second statement is by Roger Hutchinson, silversmith. Technical officer Gold and Silversmithing workshop ANU School of Art.

For me design is the process of overcoming problems in an effort to make an idea become a real, functioning object.

These problems arise when first sketching the idea and continue through the whole making process to the finished object. Although my original concept or idea doesn’t change, overcoming the problems and compromising to achieve an acceptable result often changes the form of the finished object from that shown in the first sketches. Researching while designing, often uncovers changes in technology that will alter the form of an object, how easy it is to make, how well it functions, etc.

How well I solve the problems determines how well the finished object functions and whether it is aesthetically pleasing. It is this process of overcoming or ‘designing out’ problems in an effort to create a new and exciting object that, I find, is the challenging and rewarding aspect of making.
Roger Hutchinson sketch

(My statement you can find as part of my first posting below)



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